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November 7, 2016

Hi sisters! It is definitely taking me longer than usual to get my Proverbs 31 Wardrobe posts and details up, but I want to thank everyone that has been so patient while I try to get my life together. It’s a lot harder to blog when you don’t have a working laptop or WiFi, but thank God that’s been fixed now. Now that I have a fixed laptop, I can finally share details of today’s Proverbs 31 Wardrobe feature! I wore this outfit to church a couple of Sundays ago and I think the colors are perfect for fall season and it can also be easily transitioned into a spring outfit.


The blouse I am wearing is the wine/burgundy Winslet Off-Shoulder blouse from A’gaci.  I liked the blouse because though it is off-shoulder, it could be worn higher up . It’s also very light and easy to tuck into a skirt or leave out if worn with jeans. CLICK HERE:Winslet Off-Shoulder for about $20. If you want a long sleeve version of the blouse for colder weather, you can get these Brushed Flounce Ruffle top blouse for ~$19.00 (Click HERE: Long sleeves) I believe you should also be able to wear that top higher up on your shoulders for a more modest look.


I went with a wine/Burgundy blouse to play off the wine flowers in my beautiful  Glam Rose Print A-line midiskirt from Chicwish! Nothing says girly more than roses so this skirt was an instant must-have item. If you are interested in the skirt, to get yours CLICK HERE: Glam Rose Print A-Line Midiskirt. It’s about $43.00 for the skirt, but Chicwish is currently having an extra 20% of sale until November 10th! If you miss the sale, simply google “Chicwish promo code” and one of those coupons could save you some money! 🙂


I did not want to compete with the roses of the skirt so I needed a pair of heels that was neutral enough to allow the details of the skirt to shine, but still fashionable enough to make a statement. The solution to this outfit was these gorgeous  Gold Sparkle Prince d’Orsay Evening Pumps by Betsy Johnson pumps! To say it was love at first site would be an understatement! CLICK HERE: Betsy Johnson Prince d’Orsay pumps to get your own. They fit true to size and are only 4 inches so they are comfortable for long term wear. Continue to view more pictures of this feature!



2016-10-28-20-58-37 2016-10-28-20-57-09


Special shout out to my photographer, the lovely Joyce (Instagram: @Joycethewontong  website: Joyce Tong Photography). She had me feeling like a model! (haha) She has such a beautiful and kind heart! If you need her services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her! Thank you all once again for bearing with me while I got my laptop and internet situated.  On that note, school is very demanding at the moment and so my posting on social may be reduced until I get through some of my clinical rotations. To all those in the school-struggle I feel your pain! Hang in there, sis! It will pay off! May God strengthen you physically and bless you mentally with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to excel in your studies. (group hug!). Thank you so much for hanging with me on Instagram! I appreciate you all for the constant love and support. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, please do so and you’ll get notified when a new blog is up. I may not be able to share new blog posts via Instagram so that will be a good way of knowing when I’ve blogged. Until next time, sisters! May God bless you and yours.


With Love ♥


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