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October 9, 2017

I know, I know! It’s been a while since I last made a Proverbs 31 Wardrobe post but the wait is over! Today I am excited to introduce you all to B.H Grace, a cute Christian boutique that offers stylish, modest, and extremely comfortable clothing for ladies of all ages. I came across B.H Grace on Instagram and they kind enough to offer me one of their dresses to review for my sisters. When buying a dress there are four things that are a must have for me: descent length, good fit/yet not too clingy, appropriate neckline and comfort. The fifth thing I look for in a dress is not a must have, but it’s definitely a plus if the dress has it and that is POCKETS! I don’t use the pockets to hold anything but I just love sliding my hands in there on accident and getting that warm cozy feeling. This gorgeous fall dress from B.H Grace Boutique met all four of my must-haves and my bonus pockets! For those reasons and also purely because I absolutely love having a Christian-based business that focuses on empowering a generation of godly women, I am giving my dress a 5/5 and encourage you to check out the boutique to see what you may find there! Below is my dress and how I decided to style it for a perfect fall look.

I added a brown cotton cardigan on top of my B.H. Grace dress to complete my fall look. I bought this cardigan from T.J. Maxx for $19.95. You can find similar cardigans at  Target (~$30)  or Forever 21. B.H Grace also has other dresses in stock, such as this Lily Midi Dress, that are similar to the one I’m wearing that would be perfect if you are going for this same look.

I completed my look with plain nude heels and a Michael Kors tote. Similar heels can be found Here(~$15)HERE (~$25) or HERE (~$22) and you can find the Michael Kors tote Here (on sale ~$148). Continue to see more pictures of the look.

That’s it for today’s Proverbs 31 Wardrobe feature. I sincerely want to thank the ladies at B.H. Grace for my dress and also for their love. B.H. Grace offered prayers and encouragement to me during my board exams a few months ago and when I passed, they rejoiced with me in a way that truly exhibited the heart of their beautiful boutique. I thank God for you all and I pray for blessings and expansion upon your business. Ladies please go and support our own! Follow them on Instagram @BHGraceBoutique and browse and shop their store and let them know FeeFe sent you. 😉 Until next time ladies, come hang out with me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to drop a DM or comment.


With Love♥


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