Hi! Thank you for browsing my blog! My name is FeeFe Yorka. I was born and raised in River State, Nigeria, but I currently reside in Houston, Texas. I love everything that involves being in pajamas (like sleeping) and I also enjoy trying new food recipes, watching Nigerian movies, working out, and spending time with those I love. In general, I am a very simple person by nature and I find pleasure in what others may consider “mundane” things. I have a high sense of humor, sometimes too high (lol). I don’t believe in taking myself seriously unless I have to like in the case of school or work. Speaking of school and work, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy, both from the University of Texas at Austin. (Go Longhorns! \m/). If I am not blogging I am most likely at the pharmacy or at church or at home! (Yay for introverts) I believe in love, I believe in forgiveness, I believe in compassion, I believe in being selfless, and I believe in people. If you need a friend, let’s be friends! 🙂




 Why am I blogging?

921195_526067787443700_2004921265_oBy now you’re probably wondering how I got into blogging especially being a full-time pharmacist. Well, the most important thing about me is that I am a sold out lover of Jesus Christ. The best decision I’ve ever made was accepting Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  I live for Christ and I stand upon the infallible Word of the Bible. It is my love for the Lord and the saving grace I found in Him that led me to start blogging. I’ve been a recipient of the love of God and it is a desire of mines to introduce as many people as I can to salvation through Christ Jesus. I am still on the journey to being like Jesus therefore my writings reflect that journey. I desire to create an atmosphere where believers and true followers of Jesus Christ can find encouragement, comfort, and likewise be challenged to be bold for God in this generation. The Word of God says we are in the world, but not of the world therefore we must strive to be set apart and in doing so, point the world back to Jesus. I welcome you on this journey with me and I pray that as you browse this site, the Lord will minister to your need(s) and you’ll leave with a greater love for Christ.

With my love,

FeeFe P. Yorka